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Onion sets are small bulbs less than 1" in diameter. Sets are usually planted in the early spring to produce green (salad) onions or big onions. Nurseries and garden centers begin selling onion sets in the very early spring.

Product Information:
Magic Valley Growers produces high quality onion set bulbs on the famous volcanic soils of the Magic Valley in Idaho. Due to our isolated, high-altitude fields, these bulbs are certified to be free of white rot and stem nematode. Production areas outside of Idaho are often contaminated with these devastating pests. Our list of varieties include:

Yellow Rock & Stuttgart. These two yellow varieties are our most popular and will yield good-sized onions with excellent storage characteristics. These are great cooking onions and will have a sweet taste once prepared in your favorite recipes.

Australian Brown. Our newest variety is the very rare Australian Brown, which was imported from Australia in 1897. This brown Spanish onion is distinct from all others - it is wonderfully solid and keeps exceptionally long. This set will produce a round, medium size onion with a white, mild flesh and a thick, deep amber-brown skin.

White Ebenezer. Excellent for growing green onions or salad onions, and popular in Oriental and Mexican recipes. Plant deeply to produce a long, succulent white stem.

Red Wethersfield "Improved". Our own selection of this famous variety has a dark burgundy skin and also has internal red color. Grow for mild, good-sized onions that are excellent in salads.

For home gardeners, we suggest the following for planting onion sets:

To Produce Big Onions
Select a sunny location
Plant in early spring (as soon as the soil can be worked)
Mark rows at one foot apart
Plant onion sets three inches apart and about one inch deep
When the tops fall over, pull onions and allow to dry on top of the soil for several days
Remove from garden and store in a cool, dry place

To Produce Green or Salad Onions
Plant throughout the spring at two-week intervals
Mark rows one foot apart
Plant onion sets 2-4 inches deep with the bulbs nearly touching (the deeper you plant, the more white portion will be produced)
Harvest when tops are about 10 inches tall usually 4-6 weeks after planting
Refrigerate cleaned green onions in a glass of water to keep fresh and flavorful
Pearl Onions
Our most delicate and smallest onion

Boiler Onions
A larger onion perfect for any occasion

A mild tasting variation of the classic onion

An Italian pearl onion that, when cooked, is mild and sweet

Onion Sets
Small onion bulbs for home gardeners

About The Onion
A short, comprehensive history of the onion

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Our onion sets can be found at your local garden store. This site is for informational purposes only.

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